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Tim is a list-maker. He keeps his moleskine pristine with to-dos and goals.

I also have moleskines, because I have an unhealthy obsession with blank journals (and office supplies in general — mmmm), but I am only a short-term list-maker. And I hardly ever actually use my moleskines, since Evernote exists and is awesome. I know what I want to get done today and this week, but I’ve never really done the “goals for this quarter” thing, until he encouraged me to. Tim and Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean. Making summers productive since 2012.

So! Let’s do this:

  • Write every day.
  • Take photos every day. Learn how to use Tim’s sexy DSLR and the new interchangeable-lens point-and-shoot that’s currently sitting in customs.
  • Be more active. Even if it’s just walking a few extra blocks to pick up a baguette that’s only slightly better than the one made two doors down.
  • Finish Infinite Jest. I have the Kindle version, the iBooks version, and a hard copy. Come on Diane. Pull it together.
  • Have a date-night with Tim, at least once a week.
  • Keep the herb box alive.
  • Visit at least two more countries — I’m thinking Switzerland and Italy.
  • Host a dinner party.
  • Picnic on the Seine.

Music to live by: Summersong [The Decemberists // The Crane Wife]