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This weekend, the gentleman and I went to the Championnats du monde d’escalade (the Sport Climbing World Championships)! He climbs, but I, being afraid of heights and a lover of having long fingernails, don’t. I still really enjoy watching the athletically muscled young men and women do ridiculous things.




Some perspective.

This guy is visually impaired. So amazing. That guy at the bottom was yelling, “Left! Right! More right!” (Except in Japanese, so, “Hidari! Migi! Migi migi migi!”)

And speed climbing. I’d never even heard of this before, but it is just… I mean… they all climbed that thing in under 9 seconds! Look!

Music to live by: Goddamn Your Fingers [Choir of Young Believers // Saluting The Crunchy Frog-A-Logue]