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If you are on any kind of specialized diet, you may want to turn away now.

Low-carb or gluten-free? Nope.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Sorry.

Fat-free? Not even close.

For everyone else, get ready for the best thing you’ve put in your mouth.

If you haven’t had Speculoos cookies, they’re kind of like graham crackers except butterier and flavored with a melange of fall spices — cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, cardamom, and ginger. You get them with coffee sometimes and they’re all over the place during the winter. In the UK, they’re called Biscoff.

Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that the French put on baguettes and crêpes and, I’m sure, when no one is looking, eat out of the jar with a spoon.

And I shouldn’t have to explain to you that bacon makes everything better.

Their participation in this party takes something that was an embodiment of condensed happiness to begin with — the venerable camp fire favorite, the s’more — and elevates it straight into the pleasure center of your brain. You know those rats they did experiments on in the 50’s, with the electrodes on their nucleus accumbens and the buttons that they kept pressing and pressing to stimulate their pleasure centers? Yeah, that’s me with these s’mores.

Speculoos Nutella Candied Bacon S’mores

Makes as many as you will allow yourself.

Speculoos or Biscoff cookies (2 per s’more)
marshmallows (2 per s’more)
spicy candied bacon (1-2 half-slices per s’more)

Spread a Speculoos or Biscoff cookie with Nutella and top with bacon slices. Toast two marshmallows over a camp fire, barbecue, gas stove, or under a broiler and place two on top of the bacon. Add a second cookie, and, while the marshmallows are still warm, consume in a happy daze. Repeat until everything in the world seems to be better.


If you don’t feel like making spicy candied bacon, regular bacon will do just fine. Use thin- or regular-cut, though, as thick-cut will make the s’more hard to bite through.

Music to cook by: Fall At Your Feet [Boy & Bear // He Will Have His Way – The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn]