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Dear Frenchie bar à vins,

I didn’t believe the hype, and I apologize. I’d eaten at the restaurant and enjoyed it, but I never had the “ah-ha, this is genius food” moment there. I get it now.

Sweetbreads, radish, parsley

Foie gras royale, apple/pear chutney, walnut

If you’re coming to Paris, do yourself a favor and make sure you get yourself here one, if not two, if not several nights.

Burrata, wild mushrooms

Tortelli ricotta, butternut, sage, amaretti biscuit

I can’t tell you what to order, since everything is seasonal — there are new dishes all the time. I’ve had the entire menu at this point, and I can honestly say that everything is at least good, and some of the dishes (the ricotta and butternut squash tortelli, for example) are just explode-your-brains divine.

Scallops, sunchoke, ventrêche

Endives au jambon

Pig's head, radish, pickled mustard seeds

Panna cotta, avocado, chocolate

Oh yeah… and the view ain’t bad, either.


Frenchie bar à vins
5-6 Rue du Nil, 75002 (Sentier)
01 40 39 96 19
€25-65 per person, depending on wine and food selection.