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On Sunday mornings, I tend to wake up with a dim sum craving. It’s… inconvenient.


While there is good dim sum in Paris, it turns out it’s way out in the 13th, in the southeast corner of the city. Well one morning I convinced some expat friends to make the trek (in the snow! Uphill both ways!) in search of dumplings and cha siu bao.


Blurry friends are blurry!



Stepping into this place was like being transported. No French people, a ton of tables, and real dim sum — the kind they bring you on carts. While I’ve got to say that I’ve had better in the various Chinatowns in the US, this place was definitely solid. New weekend tradition!

La Chine Massena
96 Boulevard Masséna, 75013 (Porte de Choisy / Porte d’Ivry)
01 45 83 98 88